Ethical video seeding reaching the right people at the right time

We believe marketing to the wrong people is a waste of investment. We also found that it happened all too often in online campaigns. That’s why we created what we believe is one of the most targeted premium video marketing providers serving large advertisers available today. Our clients are advertisers with a clear picture of who they want to reach and high expectations on quality.

Started in 2007 by a team with 10+ years of online marketing experience, we’ve now helped many global brands reach their target audiences through successful video campaigns.

Targeting Capabilities

Every client is unique and we don’t have only one set of targeting tools that works for all. Targeting such as geographic, client selected premium publishers, topics and interests as well as demographic are all available. In addition to this, we also provide behavioral targeting and re-targeting when this is the right way to find the right audience.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports are full of data. Not only showing information about the impressions, clicks or views your video received but also key performance indicators and management information that is great for presentations. Detailed data on reach, audiences, impact and engagement are all available.


Effective video advertising using ethical methods

We’ve spent years refining promotional methods for online video, proven in hundreds of successful real campaigns. We rely on ethical and guideline compliant methods only to generate highly targeted video views for our clients. Videos are advertised in relevant channels, including premium publishers specific for your targeting criteria. Views and reach are guaranteed based on the campaign goals. Our algorithmic optimization makes sure the campaign is effectively served


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Brands who use our service

Premium Publishers

We offer transparency and quality
We are well aware of the challenges a brand faces when engaging in online video marketing. That’s why we provide the option to use our select list of premium publishers only while being able to reach the right audience very effectively through our bespoke video platform partnerships with them.

Brands trust us
We’ve served campaigns for some of the most demanding advertisers in the world, ranging from political campaigns through to Fortune 100 brands and on to compliance-oriented clients in industries such as banking and health.

Industry engagement
We are members of the IAB (Founding Members in Sweden) and WOMMA. Members of our team serve on Task Forces in the IAB and we are very involved in the industry. Being compliant with guidelines and industry recommendations is something we take very seriously.