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 Effective video advertising reaches the right people at the right time.

Welcome to targeted, user-initiated (Click to Play) views, optimised in flight and distributed on quality inventory web-wide per your campaign goals. With dashboard access and detailed reporting across several key metrics plus landing page and social media engagement, we are your natural choice for video seeding with added value.

Emerse unique video ad formats are certified to run on virtually all publishers worldwide and are fully IAB compliant. We secure placements for your video on relevant, quality sites and deliver impactful campaigns through algorithm driven mechanisms combined with real-time optimisation for powerful engagement including views, shares and retention.

 Your video is seeded to websites that have an affinity with your audience.

 Cookie targeting based on user’s online history relevant to your content.

 Our seeding technology works 24/7 during your video’s flight.

 Seeding is optimised based on real-time video shares, engagement, clicks.

Video seeding by

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YouTube Advertising

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 1.30.51 PM Find out why large brands trust us with their YouTube advertising.

Video Seeding on YouTube with

As a Google Certified Partner, we have extensive experience in running and optimizing video advertising campaigns on YouTube. Our YouTube account manager helps our clients maximize the performance of campaigns.

YouTube advertising is one part of the mix of networks and publishers we use. Using our optimization methods for online video seeding developed over the last five years, we make sure our clients buy placements for their videos where they get the best result for their budget.

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Social Video Seeding

 Reach your audience when they are most engaged.

We distribute your video in different ways using various ad formats that can include In-Stream pre-roll, Out-Stream Click-to-Play video seeding, YouTube and Facebook. 

We target your audience using multiple strategies that include geographic, language, keywords, demographic, behavioural, contextual and topical measures, we target websites that have an affinity with your video content and we target people based on their online cookie-based profile. We then optimise in-flight to truly find your audience for relevant and responsive views.

Target Websites

 Your Brand on Relevant, Quality Websites

Our experienced team will ensure your content is served to a relevant and responsive audience. We do this through programmatic, algorithm driven placements with premium publishers and quality networks to capture the very best inventory available.

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  • We also apply human oversight to optimise delivery in-flight and maximise engagement with your content. Using paid placements on relevant inventory, aligned with your content and message, we deliver meaningful exposure among your target audience.

    Target Demographics

     Reach Your Exact Audience

    Besides targeting appropriate websites, we also target individual people by their known interest and type. This is achieved through our network of third-party data sources.

    Through our partners we access readily indexed data that drives to a particular target audience. Using multiple strategies we can reach any demographic or particular audience interest.

    These strategies include geographic targeting, demographic, behavioral, contextual and topical methods. We can even hand pick specific sites that you might have in mind and access that inventory by direct purchase.

    Target Locations

    Global or Local? Reach Your Buyer

    Reach your buyer wherever they are. Through our partnerships with website, app, and video publishers and networks around the world, we use ad inventory for global and local video seeding campaigns.

    • Broad targeting builds brand awareness by adding video as a touchpoint
    • Narrow targeting speaks to a specific cohort

    Target your video content down to a very detailed level such as a city, town, or government district. Local targeting reaches top-tier international inventory, with your traffic coming from your chosen geography.

    • Shell used broad targeting to generate 280 PR pieces across 40 countries
    • New York food truck targeted the Big Apple to generate sales in their neighborhood

    We Run Video Seeding Campaigns For the World's Biggest Brands