Effective video advertising reaches the right people at the right time.

Welcome to targeted, user-initiated (Click to Play) views, optimised in flight and distributed on quality inventory web-wide per your campaign goals. With dashboard access and detailed reporting across several key metrics plus landing page and social media engagement, we are your natural choice for video seeding with added value.

Emerse unique video ad formats are certified to run on virtually all publishers worldwide and are fully IAB compliant. We secure placements for your video on relevant, quality sites and deliver impactful campaigns through algorithm driven mechanisms combined with real-time optimisation for powerful engagement including views, shares and retention.

 Your video is seeded to websites that have an affinity with your audience.

 Cookie targeting based on user’s online history relevant to your content.

 Our seeding technology works 24/7 during your video’s flight.

 Seeding is optimised based on real-time video shares, engagement, clicks.