Effective Video Seeding for the Music Industry

As an artist, you already know the importance of generating massive visibility for your online videos. We’ve got the services to guarantee you the number of views you are looking for on YouTube.

Guaranteed Visibility for Artists

Our services provide high quality, relevant views generated from leading networks and sites we have spent years to gather. Our network reaches hundreds of millions of people in more than 200 countries.

While we didn’t seed the video with Snoop Dogg, we think it’s a great example of how successful artists use YouTube to promote themselves and their music. Online video views count heavily today towards the brand of the artist and the sharing of music among people on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Our team is based in Sweden and all work is carried out in-house from our office in Lund (full address details are on the contact page). Feel free to drop us an email on info@videoseeding.com or give us a call on +46 46 3780 100 if you’d like to discuss your campaign in more detail.

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Big Impact Video Promotion – Get Guaranteed Quality Views on YouTube

We’ve spent years developing ways to promote videos. Our clients include world-leading brands such as Adidas, Nokia, Jaguar, Johnnie Walker, BMW and many more (see some examples here). The quality of our traffic is proven by the tens of thousands of Facebook shares and likes our clients have achieved even from campaigns of less than 100 000 views. That said, we can also take your video into the millions of views. Now we want to offer the music industry the same powerful tools but adapted to your needs.