Find out why some of the world’s most successful brands keep on hiring us for their online video marketing campaigns

Over the last five years, our clients have been excited about the effect we generate using their video assets. Much of what we do is based on experience gathered from the many different types of campaigns and clients we have worked with.

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of online media spend and an area that is likely to keep on growing as new devices and faster mobile data networks offers even better video capability wherever you are.

We help clients plan and run video marketing campaigns, define goals and make sure we reach the required audience. Our campaigns generate guaranteed results in terms of reach and views. Optimization of video sharing also ensures maximum organic sharing in social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter for videos that can benefit from this. Detailed reporting and metrics on data such as unique viewers, video player impressions, clicks, and full views as well as detailed social sharing metrics and charts are all available in our online reporting dashboard in real-time.

Obama for America

Reaching more than 30 million people in the last US election. President Obama secured 6 times as many views as his opponent and won the 2012 presidential election campaign.


By engaging users at different times during the day Shell has encouraged over 600 idea submissions and more than 5000 votes for Project M


We helped Honda re-launch ‘Jazz’ to become their best-selling car in Europe, ever. By promoting a European campaign for Honda to re-launch Honda Jazz, the ‘Drive Happy’ car packed full of surprises that’ll be sure to make you smile.

Pizza Hut

Narrow geo-targeting technology guides users to the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant.

We know what makes a video marketing campaign successful

With clients in highly competitive and ROI focused markets such as Banking and Sports Betting, we know all the mechanics of how to maximize relevant clicks and conversion rates from videos.

For brands marketing their viral videos on YouTube or looking to get the most out of social video sharing, our dynamic optimization will make sure the Facebook likes and sharing of the video are kept at optimum at all times. Competition for audience attention is fierce today and we can help you run the campaign in a way that makes sure you gain an advantage to other brands competing for the same audience.